It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a network for ten people or for a thousand. Here at GCS Consultations, we’ll prioritize your needs and expectations while also considering the budget you have for this. Our approach is such that there won’t be any compromise anywhere. 

Our network design services involve standardizing hardware and software to ensure smooth performance as well as building redundancy into your business’s network in the event of breakdowns and failures. We’ll help you find the perfect balance between security concerns and easy access to information. 

Why choose GCS Consultations for Your Network Design?

There are a lot of things that should be factored into your network design. This process can be quite challenging and should, therefore, be left for only those with the expertise and experience needed to make it successful. Leaving your network design to GCS Consultations means we’ll factor in every important consideration to ensure the efficiency of your network. These will often include;

Balancing security and connectivity

Today’s workplace should be mobile and still very connected. Information should also be accessible to people who need them whenever and wherever they need it. Your business network design should factor in important data storage, accessibility, and security considerations. GCS boasts the experience and expertise to make this a success.

Backup & Redundancy

Surprises do not happen every other day but your network design should be structured to anticipate breakdowns. This means that redundancy should be built into your design to make it fail-safe. GCS will factor this into your network design to reduce downtime as much as possible.

Scalability for future growth

Good network design should factor in a year-on-year growth of 20% at least. While it’s often impossible to predict how much growth to expect, it’s important that your network design factors in future growth. 

Having a solid disaster recovery plan

What are the procedures to follow after server or network crashes? When and how is data backed up and where are the copies stored. Disasters may happen but they should not put your business in jeopardy. This is more reason why your network design should factor in disaster recovery from the onset.

Standardizing Hardware & Software

Your network design should also involve standardizing both hardware and software used across the organization. Not only will this ensure smooth network operation but standardization will also reduce maintenance, repairs, and update expenses. 

GCS Consultation can handle your network design to boost efficiency and productivity without compromise. Contact us today to get started.